April 2018 Newsletter

"What we do is just a drop in the ocean, but if we did not do it the ocean would have a drop less"

Mother Teresa of Calcutta


On April 13 the Inland Revenue published the list of non-profit associations to which the tax payers have chosen to allocate the 5 per thousand of the IRPEF referring to the declaration of income of 2016.

533, for a total amount of € 18.763,82, were the friends and supporters who chose to allocate their 5 per thousand to Solidarmondo Onlus for International Cooperation.

Our heartfelt thanks go to them together with that of the Sisters of Providence because with their choice they contribute, together with those who constantly support our initiatives, to bring a light of hope to those, adults and children, in different parts of the world. in suffering and poverty.

Also this year destined yours 5 for 1000 at Solidarmondo Onlus. Choose the area dedicated to "Volunteer Support and other non-profit organizations of social utility", insert your signature and our fiscal code: 97264310588

It is a precious help that costs nothing for you and allows Solidarmondo to bring new life to the various parts of the world where it operates.


On the day 21 and 22 April, the annual assembly of Solidarmondo took place in Rome, in the general house of the Sisters of Providence. We all know how this event is always so demanding because it requires the implementation of many legal aspects: approval of the budget, the mission report of the president, list of activities of the year, prospects for the journey and, this time, also renewal of the offices institutions. All this took place in a very serene atmosphere with great participation. The participants were able to see how the Association has grown, not only for the results obtained, but also for the active collaboration between the various groups and for the relationships established between the groups themselves and above all with the various realities where the Sisters of Providence operate. . Everything took place in an atmosphere of renewed commitment and even celebration.

Elected members of the "Board of Directors"

Board of DirectorsRoberto Tosolini
Aldo Bianco
Enrico Guerra
Francesca Trapani
In the Dosso
Danilo Pigat
Tullio Nardon
Daniela Bartoli
Sr. Irmarosa Villotti (Carla)
Vice President
Roberto Tosolini
Aldo Bianco

See also article on the site: http://www.solidarmondo.it/eventinews/assemblea-2018-2/


9a EDITION - Motobenedizione

Over a thousand riders who gathered last April 15 for the motorcycle to the Shrine of Our Lady of Tricesimo where the celebration of the Mass took place, the memory of people who died due to accidents and blessing. After this important moment all the bikers went to the heart of Tricesimo, in Piazza Garibaldi. There were many novelties of this edition: theme stalls, exhibitors, charity fishing, an area dedicated to vintage motorcycles, and the band's performance #crazyuncle!!!
The proceeds from the event were donated to Solidarmondo ONLUS and will be entirely used for the construction of a shelter in the mission of the Sisters of Providence in Togo: "The door to life" to treat, support and help children with HIV \ AIDS to become aware of their situation and recover a condition of physical and emotional well-being in order to face life in a calm and responsible way.

Those who wish can connect to the Solidarmondo website to view the movie of the event


FRIENDS OF UDINE - The Sisters of Kandi thank

Dearest friends,

May the Lord bless you this year 2018. We, Sisters of Providence of Kandi, come to you with this letter to tell you a sincere thank you for all you do and organized to come and help us, especially for our needy brothers.
May God fill you with His blessings and bring His graces to you and your families in abundance. The fruits of your sacrifices and all the effort you have, give joy to the whole population.
It is a great joy to see our village brothers and sisters, to dance because they have drinking water and children to talk, read, write and at the same time sing in French ... Yes, let the Lord bless you and keep you in His Infinite love.
We assure you of our humble prayers every day, because you and the fruit of your work will remain forever in our hearts.

Thank you and good mission to you. May the providence of God be with you always.

God willing we will meet again !!!
With so much gratitude and affection, the sisters of Kandi.

Kandi 4 February 2018




The Volunteer Association -onlus- IL NOCE index 3 ° COMPETITION FOR ILLUSTRATORS for the realization of the CALENDAR OF THE 2019 WALNUT.

Competition theme: "Children and families"

All children have the right to live in a family that takes care of them.
Often it is the natural family, sometimes it is the foster family or the adoptive family.
Sometimes the family is composed of a mother and a father, other times by a single parent, other times there are also brothers, grandparents and maybe a cat or a dog.
Surely there are no "white mill families", if not in advertising, but in all there are moments of happiness, sadness, difficulty, mutual support, listening, play.
Of all these families and their moments of life we ​​would like to color the 2019 Calendar. Italian and foreign artists can participate in the competition, without any age limit.

Each participant can submit works from 1 to 3.

The works must be received strictly downtown: Friday 30 September 2018.

Read REGULATION from the site: www.ilnoce.it (link below) or from the page Facebook "Il Noce AssociazioneOnlus"