Thailand: a beautiful story

Help the sisters to help others

Our "Casa Lilia" Center in Chiang Saen welcomes 32 girls and teenagers in a situation of social vulnerability. Most are daughters of refugees from Myanmar who come to Thailand fleeing poverty or political and ethnic conflict among the tribes.

Prostitution, drugs and trafficking in human beings are constant challenges that directly affect children and young people, especially girls. Our work is only a small drop in the immense ocean of life, but we believe that it is God who makes good and flourish and makes our love fruitful.

There are many beautiful things we have lived in these six years of mission in this Thai land bordering Laos and Myanmar. Among the many, we want to share with you the story of Nasow, of the Akha tribe, which in baptism received the name of Assumption.

My name is Nasow, I have 17 years and I was born in Myanmar. I came to Thailand six years ago with my father; of all my family I only remember my father, because my mother abandoned me when I was a child and I never saw her again, like my three brothers who left with her. I think Mom left me because she had three other younger children and it would have been difficult for her to take care of us all so young. She left with a new husband, because my father was an alcoholic and a slave to drugs.

So one day he crossed the border and came with me to Thailand, but then he too abandoned me and welcomed me a family to make me work with them. There I was two years, I had food and a place to sleep, but I could not leave the house because I was without papers and could not move freely outside the village Akha, where I was on the border with Myanmar, my country.

After two years that family did not want me anymore because I could not speak, I did not know the Thai language and I could not work as they wished. I was very scared because everyone was leaving me and I did not know how to get back to Myanmar; desperate, I could not see a way out. I was tired of fighting alone, but God in his mercy sent me the Sisters of Providence, who changed the course of my life.

Before that I had never been with the nuns before and I was very afraid, but it was not as I thought, because I finally found in them the mother, the father and the family that I had lost with a new hope and possibility of life. Since I was already grown up, I could not go to school anymore, so they advised me to learn sewing and embroidery in a Catholic center and this is already the third year; I am learning and enjoying everything I receive for my life, for now and for my future.

Today I feel happy and safe with the sisters and every holiday when I come back to Casa Lilia, I feel only gratitude to God and to the nuns who took me by the hand, even they took me in their arms when I was lost and without knowing where to go. To each of them I want an immense good, which only I know.

I have a project and a dream for my future: as soon as I finish my course, I will return to this Center, which is my home, and I will help the Sisters of Providence in working with little girls and girls; here I know that I can give my life, even without being a nun like them, help the sisters to help others.

Thank you.

Taken from the periodical: LIVING TOGETHER - OCTOBER 2018 - 7 NUMBER