Memory of sr. PIERALBA and sr. PIA


PiaPieralbaDuring this year the Lord has called to him two Italian nuns who worked for more than 40 years in the land of Africa: Sister Pieralba Bianco and Sister Pia Beraldin. Two marvelous sisters, who have always given themselves entirely to the poor and who have been a great example of life and donation for the new generations of African nuns. Sister Pieralba has risen to Heaven after more than a year of sickness lived with her usual serenity here in Italy, giving suffering for her Africa. Sister Pia, who was in the new community opened in Benin to begin a new missionary commitment with enthusiasm and generosity, followed her after a brief and incomprehensible illness. Sister Pia is the first dead nun in the land of Africa and is buried in Kouvè, within the mission. We now think of them together in the light of the Lord.

Memory of Sister PIERALBA BIANCO (Elda) born in Caorle (Venice) the 03 / 03 / 1938 dead in Belvedere di Tezze (Vicenza) the 03 / 10 / 2017 - 58 years of religious consecration.

Sister Pieralba was a woman of faith, simple and serene, she spent her entire life as a total gift to God and to the poorest brothers. As a young nun she worked in the kindergartens of Segonzano, Mezzocorona, Quinto Vicentino and Tesero, where she deeply enjoyed the children extolling the value and the beauty of childhood and where she aroused familiarity and friendship with each person.

In the 1973 it is part of the three pioneer sisters who started the missionary work of the Sisters of Providence in Africa. During 43 years of life lived in Kossou, Bouakè, Anonkoua-Koute and Lomé, Sister Pieralba was characterized for her great hard work and creativity and for her ability to face every situation, even the most complicated, with courage and faith, without dramatize, proving a virtuous humor, able to reconcile souls.

She gave herself up to the last moment, to the service of the poor, the most disadvantaged and problematic girls, the orphans and malnourished children, the distressed mothers who always found in her tender compassion, welcome and care. Sister Pieralba was a very constructive presence in the novitiate formation house in Lomé where she lived from the 1998 until her return to Italy. Attentive to what the young people lived, she knew how to intervene with love and discretion to help them grow in fidelity to their vocation, to convey to them the taste of well-made work, rectitude, attention and compassion for those who suffer, the importance and the strength of prayer in the life of consecrated persons.

In 2015, having come to Italy for the holidays, she could not return to Africa due to illness. She was welcomed and accompanied by the sisters of the Belvedere community with great affection at every stage of her painful journey. He was able to accept his illness with faith and live it with great serenity.

It was for all the sisters, but mainly for the young people in formation, a gift and a testimony that encouraged us to bring our daily crosses, joining them with those of Jesus. We are certain that heaven will continue to live with us its mission of charity. Like our Founder, she also encouraged the sisters to be an instrument of unity and communion to bring the joy of the Gospel to the poorest, and repeated: "Look good, please yourself, because when there is love everything else is easier".

I remember Sister PIAGIOVANNA BERALDIN (Luigina) born in Bassano del Grappa (VI) the 28 March 1941, died suddenly in Lomé (Togo) the 3 December 2017 - 55 years of religious consecration.

She entered very young in the congregation of the Sisters of Providence. Sister Piagiovanna has devoted herself first of all to nursing studies, earning her diploma as a professional nurse. In the following years he worked in the Pavia and Portogruaro hospitals. In the 1974 she was sent on a mission to Africa, she too is part of the pioneer sisters of the Sisters of Providence in Africa.

What characterized him throughout his years of mission was his great passion for the proclamation of the Gospel, which he testified in catechesis and in the formation of catechists. He did it with apostolic zeal that made it available to work where it was most needed. In Côte d'Ivoire, Kossou and Kongouanou, he treated the sick from village to village, inspired by our Founder. Just one example: in the afternoon he was waiting with a cart for the people returning from the fields and asking them for some food for the workers who built the dispensary. In the community of Bouaké, he cured malnourished children, also dedicating himself to the formation of mothers. Right here, during the 2002 war, she chose, with other sisters, to stay in place despite the dangers and the great insecurity, and this to be close to the population and give that little bit of help that could be done. Then in Togo, in Ahépé opened the "Luigi Scrosoppi" center for the formation of the girls, in Kouvé she worked as a nurse in the dispensary and she dedicated herself to following, with the help of distance support, the orphans, poor children and abandoned by Togo.

It has therefore become available for the new Setto community in Benin, but here it has been working for a very short time, giving joyfully the last energies of its earthly life.

In 2015 and 2016 Sister Pia, who returned to Italy for a period of treatment, collaborated with the Friends Father Luigi - Solidarmondo, in the animation of the many parishes that support the missions of the Sisters of Providence. It was a very fruitful collaboration because Sister Pia knew how to meet, welcome and encourage the animators and all the supporters of the numerous parish groups. He always had a word and a smile for everyone.

The November 24 had a strong fever and, despite all attempts at treatment, there was nothing to do: "sister death" came for her on the evening of December 3.

Her missionary zeal allowed her to enter into a relationship with many people of good will, arousing solidarity and commitment. Together we want to thank the Lord for his life all given to the proclamation of the Gospel and to the service of the poorest. To her, who now enjoys the divine embrace, let us not forget about us still pilgrims on earth.

Sisters and lay people want to continue his work, intensifying our action for the poor. The projects of charity and the new mission of Setto to which he wanted to dedicate his last days find in us a generous response.