October 2018 Newsletter

Thoughts are false pearls until they are transformed into actions.
Be the change you want to see in the world.
Mahatma Gandhi


Tolerance is not taken for granted. It must be taught, nurtured and communicated. Education, inside and outside the school, is essential for strengthening tolerance and combating hatred and discrimination.

Solidarmondo wants to renew its commitment to dialogue and understanding among all peoples and communities. One people means living and working together on the basis of mutual respect for the richness of human diversity.


In November we present the project of the "Center for the malnourished child" in Bolivia on the website, on the main page. At the same time facebook Solidarmondo will illustrate the project.
We therefore invite you to visit facebook Solidarmondo to learn more and ask the volunteers to send us photos and news.



An important anniversary for our members of the "Il Piccolo Principe" social cooperative in Casarsa: they celebrated their 27 years of 30 in October with a big event "It's time to make things important, travel in the first 30 years of the Little Prince ".
The Little Prince was born from the dream of wanting to create something better - tell Luigi Cesarin, current president of the cooperative, Livio Castellarin and Giuliana Colussi, founding members and respectively responsible for the Reception Service for Asylum Seekers and the Social Agriculture, Disability and Health Area mental - and since it is time to make things important, for this 30 anniversary we wanted to organize an event that would tell us about our values, the faces of our cooperative ".
Solidarmondo expresses to "Il Piccolo Principe" great admiration for the work done and wishes a good journey. These are just the first 30 years !!!


Extraordinary was the turnout at the annual Indian dinner in Orzano on 27 October.
The dinner was preceded by the testimony of the volunteer Antonella Peresutti who was able to involve the participants in the project beautifully.
Sister Sangita and Sister Reena then directed the work so that the food was really according to the Indian standards. And they succeeded perfectly. All proceeds were donated to the Barasat house.



It will take place on Friday 23 November at 20,00 at the ACETAIA DEL BALSAMICO TRENTINO in Tenno via San Zeno 2 the FINE YEAR DINNER organized by Solidarmondo Trentino. The evening will be enlivened by the group "CANZONI & SWING" of Rovereto. If there were vegetarians, celiacs or intolerant to dairy products, a dedicated Menu will be available upon specific reservation; a Children's Menu can also be agreed.
The cost of the evening is of 32,00 euro per person... a part of this quota will be dedicated to the project LA PORTA VERSO LA VITA.
For any information you can call directly to 334 6781437 or send an e-mail to the e-mail address shown on the enclosed flyer

Reports for the month of November

17 November
The SPA group (solidarity for actions) organizes the November 17 in Orzano a meeting with the volunteers who have returned from the experiences of the mission to reread together the lived experience. Each will bring an object, a diary page and will narrate an emotion.