March 2019 Newsletter


These are the words of Greta Thunberg at the World Climate Conference from which the FridaysForFuture movement was born:

"My name is Greta Thunberg, I'm fifteen and I come from Sweden. Many people say that Sweden is just a small country and they do not care what we do. But I have learned that you are never too young to make a difference. If some kids decide to demonstrate after school, imagine what we could do all together, if only we really wanted it.
But to do this we must speak clearly, no matter how inconvenient this may be. You speak only of endless growth in reference to the green economy, because you are afraid of becoming unpopular. Just talk about moving on with the same misconceptions that put us in this mess. (...) But I do not mind being unpopular, I care about climate justice and a livable planet. Civilization is sacrificed to give a small circle of people a chance to continue making profits. Our biosphere is sacrificed so that rich people in countries like mine can live in luxury. Many suffer to guarantee a few to live in luxury ... It is the suffering of many to pay for the luxury of a few ... when I celebrate 2078 75 years my children will ask me why we did not act when we could still do it.

Il 15 March throughout Europe is expected #FridaysForFuture



The initiatives organized by Solidarmondo Udine are numerous this month

Training course for volunteers

The first part of the volunteer course organized by Spa took place in Orzano (Solidarity for actions, which also includes Solidarmondo). Ben 35 participants and everyone liked the climate and methodology implemented. Now the course will continue for the subscribers with a second weekend the 9 and 10 March in Casarsa and Bevazzana. Public evenings will continue in Udine. Participation in these evenings is open to everyone.

Evening dedicated to the woman

16 March in Orzano the usual annual meeting on the theme of women takes place. This year the title is "WOMAN: LIVE ... CHANGE ... BUILD THE COMPANY". The topic will be addressed by Angelica Giancola, a criminologist and a legal psychologist and by Mara Lessio, commissioner of the Udine police headquarters. The two speakers intend to treat the subject in a positive role to give hope for a better future thanks to the action of women. A dinner of friendship and solidarity based on Paella will follow.



With the missionary month 2018 the animation tour began in the 40 parishes of the Amici Padre Luigi group. This month of March is particularly busy. The parishes where the animation is planned are:
  1. Cividale del Friuli, thanks to the communities in the 4 Holy Masses on Saturday 2 and Sunday 3. Monday 4, evening meeting with movies and testimonials
  2. Saturday 9, the morning meeting with the youth of Villotta and the afternoon meeting with the youth of Taiedo. Sunday 10, thanksgiving in the Holy Mass in Villotta.
  3. Monday 11 evening, animation meeting in Moimacco
  4. Sunday 17, Mass of thanksgiving in the Parish of San Canzian d'Isonzo.
  5. Monday 18, evening of animation in the Parish of Premariacco.
  6. Sunday 24, Mass in the parish of Segnacco and Monday 25, evening meeting with the group.



The young volunteer David Galimi who had traveled to Togo in the month of last July will bear his testimony to Feletto on 20 March: Tale of a breath of humanity in Africa.



10 March - On the occasion of the annual event "lunch of boiled meat" followed by the "tombolata" at the New Oratory, a bench will be set up with objects from India, some of which are produced by the children of the Calcutta missions .
Alfredo Valle will take the floor to tell his latest trip to India with some supporters of the Rostese community. The proceeds from the offers will be donated to the missions of India