March 2018 Newsletter

Easter 2018

Easter is a cause of joy for all of us. Let us realize that our mission is to spread it first in ourselves, then in the family and then in others.
As volunteers, supporters or simple friends of Solidarmondo we have the privilege of bringing this joy to the last, to the forgotten, to the poorest in the world.
President of Solidarmondo


Support with your 5 for a thousand Solidarmondo and its projects. Not even a crumb will be wasted. In your tax return, your signature and our tax code are sufficient: 97264310588



Members of SOLIDARMONDO for international cooperation - ONLUS are convened in the ordinary assembly on the first call 20 April 2018 08.00 and possibly in second call on 21 2018 April 15.00 at the General House of the Sisters of Providence - Rome, Via Innocenzo IV, nr. 18 ROME.


  1. Approval of the final balance sheet to the 31 / 12 / 2017 with related attachments (mission report, explanatory note, minutes of the Board of Auditors).
  2. Renewal of corporate offices.
  3. Analysis and approval of changes to the "programmatic paper and principles".
  4. Enabling Solidarmondo to use PayPal and free advertising on Google.
  5. Review of the "Projects" management on the website and management of news and social networks with assignment of tasks.
  6. Associated Situation.
  7. Miscellaneous and possible.



In the February Newsletter, in informing you of the journey made by some members of the "Amici di Udine" group, we mistakenly indicated Togo as the destination country. In truth, the country of destination is Benin where the Friends of Udine have realized and have ongoing projects that follow each year on the spot to check the progress and to program new ones to meet the needs of local communities. On the site www. can take a closer look at the completed projects.


Solidarity cakes to support the occupational social center Il Piccolo Principe di Casarsa: once again this year Gustintempo is being proposed, a fund-raising initiative with which children with disabilities and operators of the Center will create sweets that can be purchased with free offer; the goal is to finance the purchase of a new professional dishwasher for the Center itself, after the old one broke down.

Currently it is possible to book the Cremose di primavera (almond cake, chocolate and traditional pastiera) every Monday starting from 5 up to 26 March. Just send an email to or a call to the Cso (0434 89325).


la FOOD COLLECTION beyond the provincial boundaries the SOLIDALE spring travels towards the province of Brescia a Limone sul Garda at the DESPAR sales point ... and then again in the Cembra valley .. at the CONAD of Saletto di Segonzano...

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