May 2018 Newsletter

"Whoever in the journey of life has even lit only a torch in the dark hour of someone has not lived in vain."
Mother Teresa of Calcutta


Did you remember five per thousand? You know that for our association is precious ... Thanks.




Today we have heard the testimony of the volunteers of the group "Friends of Udine" ... We want to thank them because through their work contribute to unite different shores ... thank you ... continue to build bridges of friendship, of solidarity, so that people can feel united and UNIQUE




Saturday May 26, at 20.30, at the Auditorium ofOratory of S. Gabriel di ARCO he performed the Coro Cima Tosa in the Spring Concert.
The Cima Cima Tosa of the Giudicarie Esteriori Valleys was established as a new choral formation in 2002 from the fusion of two choirs: the Choir La Pineta di Fiavè and the Choir Rio Bianco di Stenico.
It takes its name from the highest peak of the Brenta Dolomites group, symbolically representing the whole territory from which the elements that make up this choir come.
Through its repertoire, the Choir intends to express the long and consolidated tradition of Trentino, through the spontaneous expression of popular song.
"Echi .. in the evening" was the title of the evening proposed the 26 May. The echo, like an emotional vibration that comes back, that is returned to you and gets straight to the heart.
The echoes of this evening will be dedicated to our project "THE DOOR VERSO LIFE".
The Cima Tima Choir, with all those who attended the event, will be with us protagonists of this great dream ...
THE DOOR TO LIFE it is a dream for the Sisters of Kouve and for those guys who will benefit from it; it is that dream that will give them the possibility of self-determination and become aware and capable protagonists of their future and that of their country. Because this is what, today more than ever, Africa needs.


We present a great opportunity: the civil service in solidarity


Saturday 26 took place in Cembra (TN) the annual social dinner of the "Stella Bianca" association that collaborates with Solidarmondo for solidarity projects in Togo and now also in Romania. The dinner took place in a joyful atmosphere and Sister Irmarosa, Sr. Micheline and Sister Rosetta were able to present the situation of the various missions. The Sisters of Providence and Solidarmondo thank them for their concrete collaboration. A special thanks goes to President Mirella Nones and to Tullio Nardon, head of the Togo project.