June Newsletter 2018

"Whoever in the journey of life has even lit only a torch in the dark hour of someone has not lived in vain."
Mother Teresa of Calcutta


From the center of the malnourished child of San Carlos (Bolivia) we want to share with our friends of Solidarmondo the experience of our Italian volunteers Annica and Stefano, who have dedicated their time to the good of these undernourished children. For us Sisters were a very useful presence because in addition to working with children, they collaborated in various activities for the sustenance of the center.
The 9 April arrived at the "Centro de rehabilitación de niños desnutridos" of San Carlos two Italian volunteer physiotherapists. For two months they helped the children of the center to reach and develop the motor and emotional skills appropriate to their age, but delayed due to malnutrition.
Thanks to the synergy between mothers, staff and volunteers, a quicker recovery of the child has been noticed from all points of view.
A great help to recovery is certainly given by the presence of the mother in the center, adequately instructed by the staff in nutrition and in general in the care of her child.
In addition, in these two months, our two volunteers have been dealing with the motor aspect, helping the children to learn through the game, and teaching the mother exercises to do independently even once back home.



The 3 June HEART FRIEND of Torre del Greco (NA), on its anniversary of foundation, organized the annual meeting of the animators.
The president of Solidarmondo took part in this important event and opened the meeting with some reflections on the problem of migration and on the importance of the work of the Sisters of Providence in Africa aimed at making sure that people can realize themselves and feel good in their countries of origin. To this end, the sisters, with the concrete help of Solidarmondo, invest in the education of children and young people, on vocational training and the recruitment of qualified personnel: in schools, hospitals, educational and health centers of African missions.
The meeting was held on the basis of this program:

  • 17.00 Reception;
  • 17.30 Intervention by the president with testimony and videos of the missions in Togo;
  • 18.30 Eucharistic celebration;
  • 19.30 Fraternal Agape (buffet offered by supporters).

A video was made and published on Youtube to remember the highlights of this meeting:




From the Lycée "Le Filandiere" in Barasat through the Noce
On Wednesday 30 May a volunteer from Noce was invited to the "Filandiere" Lyceum of San Vito al Tagliamento, to receive from the Dean the sum collected by students and teachers during the 2017 / 2018 school year for the solidarity project " From the road to the "Barasat / India" house. We report what the Messaggero Veneto writes


From our website www.ilnoce.it the numbers extracted from the charity lottery that the Association organized for the "Mother-child House" project were published. Those who participated in the initiative will be able to check whether they are among the lucky winners by viewing the numbers of the tickets drawn on the website.



The 30 last May the friends of Solidarmondo Trentino loaded the 2018 CONTAINER with the usual 75 mc of material with destination Togo.
These days, the ship that will take him to Lomè has set sail from the port of Genoa and will arrive at his destination in July !!! .. also this year big business ....
And great team !!


More than 70 people took part in the evening of friendship and solidarity organized by the "Solidarmondo Udine" group. In order to greet each other before the summer break and to raise funds for the mission of South Africa, a very successful barbecue was organized. The intense participation and the economic result revealed the satisfaction of the participants.


Sunday 30 June the Togo group belonging to Stella Bianca on the avenue of Cembra will make and sell "PINZOTI" in support of the project "The door to life". We wish a good result to this original initiative.


Perhaps you have not yet made your tax return. Choose to allocate the 5 per thousand of the IRPEF to Solidarmondo-Onlus, you will help us to carry out projects for the little ones of the world.