January 2019 Newsletter

GOOD 2019


A new year, a new journey, a new adventure has also begun for Solidarmondo.

The 2018 has been characterized by the achievement of important goals that we want to continue to support and possibly overcome. In fact for the 2019 the goal is to continue to grow more and more in our spirit of solidarity, also involving new realities.

Certainly the difficulties we encounter on the journey are many, but together with you, precious friends, we want to continue with confidence.

This is why the January newsletter aims to be mainly programmatic so that each group can prepare its own path.
Activities to be carried out together

    1. Intensifying the dissemination of the Five per thousand, which allows Solidarmondo to continue its existence and carry out various projects around the world, always helping the poorest.
    2. Involving more people who become part of our Association.
    3. Activate ourselves for the realization of some projects.
    4. Be ready for the changes that the law of the third sector requires of us.
  1. Prepare actively for the notional assembly to be held on April 13-14 in Belvedere di Tezze (VI).

So good work to all ....



Solidarmondo Udine



Great with the SOLIDAL LOTTERY. The lottery that will have its extraction in the next month of April, is the most important step in order to have the necessary funds and complete the structure of Vogan in Togo dedicated to the project The Door to Life.
Excavations and foundations are concluded, it is rising with the walls ...

We are keen to tell you that with LA PORTA VERSO LA VITA, it is taking place in Vogan, in collaboration with the Sisters of Providence of KOUVE ', a support and training structure, able to accompany children and adolescents along a non-assistance path, but of self-determination and awareness to be protagonists in the history of their country.
Lottery tickets are available at the cost of 1 Euro each ... a word of mouth made of leaflets
that run from pocket to pocket and many good prizes are at stake. The first is a GOOD EXPENSE of well 1000 Euro that can be used in all POLI REGINA ORVEA stores, made up of five 200 Euro cards valid for 18 months that can be spent climbing.
We have blocks to SELL ... call !!!



Two active young people mary e Alessandro, that in April they will leave for a little experience in Bolivia, bring a dream in their heart: really dedicate themselves to the realization of a project in that land. They are spreading the poster below and trying to build their own site linked to ours: http://Progettobolivia2018.wordpress.com
They must undoubtedly be encouraged and supported.