February 2020 Newsletter


On January 22 Danilo, Alberto, Daniela and Angelico left for missions in Benin, to make their annual meeting trip with the various villages where they brought the solidarity of their group and many Friulians, activating schools and wells !!

Supporters have the pleasure of accompanying them on this new journey, experiencing their adventure live and observing it from their eyes thanks to "Radio Africa". meeting with the various villages where they brought the solidarity of their group and many Friulians, activating schools and wells !!
The photo above shows how among the many collaborations born over the years there is also the one with the Di Toppo Wassermann primary school in Udine. In addition to the collection of candies, the fifth grades make beautiful jobs every year to be delivered to their friends in Kandi.


On February 9, 2020 Don Michele Zanon with three volunteer motorcyclists and a retired doctor, specialized in pediatrics, will leave for Togo. In the first week they will visit the missions of Togo and on Saturday 16 February they will leave for Abidjan in Ivory Coast.

The program in Togo is to verify the progress of the Vokutime mission and in particular the well, funded in 2019 by Yamaha and the purchase of the motorcycle financed, instead, in 2020.
This week the volunteer doctor, who knows the French language well, at the request of the nuns has scheduled some training meetings on pediatric topics, addressed to the medical and nursing staff of the Kouvè hospital.
In Ivory Coast, in addition to visiting and learning about the three missions, the doctor will have the task of taking note of the situation and difficulties in the health center of Kongouanou. The aim is to verify the possibility of greater collaboration with Italy, to solve the many problems of the center, with particular regard to the difficulty of finding the necessary medicines in the Ivory Coast to cure the wounds of Burulì.


On the evening of Friday 7 February 2020, at 20.00 pm in the "Flaim" room of the Arco Community Foundation in via Strappazocche n. 18, the ordinary meeting of Solidarmondo Trentino ODV will be held.

It is the usual annual meeting ... approving the budget ... taking stock of the work in Togo ... and renewing the membership cards ... You will also hear the testimony of Daniel and Andrea who were in Togo during the last Christmas holidays.


Saturday 18 January 2020 at 20.30, in the Auditorium “G. De Cesare ”of Remanzacco and with the patronage of the Municipality, Solidarmondo Udine and MusicaMia organized a concert of the“ AREA 70 ”complex which performed by playing 29 of the most famous songs of the 70s.

The proceeds of the evening, based on free offers, were donated for the support of the missions of the Sisters of Providence in Myanmar and precisely for the project: "A PLATE OF RICE, A GIRL AT SCHOOL ".During the evening Sister Irmarosa presented the project and 5 Myanmar nuns cheered the evening with a dance characteristic of their culture and musical tradition.

Here is a short video documenting the event: https://youtu.be/OgYWsx3ek6A

Testimonials from Togo

On February 15, a volunteer, Roberta De Filippo, who went to Togo last summer, organizes in agreement with the municipality of Majano an evening of solidarity entitled: "Testimonies from Togo ".
The evening will take place in San Tomaso di Majano and will also see the participation of a Friulian theater group: "GAD Quintino Ronchi di S.Daniele".

Solidarity for Actions 2020

The training course for knowledge journeys in reality of international cooperation and mission is about to start again! The sisters of Providence and Solidarmondo are among the 13 promoters and animators of this initiative.

The course is aimed at those who want to know more closely the reality of international solidarity. It is divided into three meetings open to the public and three residential training weekends for students between February and May.

This year's theme is: "Change-minds: change minds, manage changes".

Here is the program

And here is the small presentation of the course transmitted in Telefriuli and made in the house of the Sisters of Providence in Udine in the rooms that illustrate their missions.


"Hands for SHALOM"

From 7 to 21 January we visited the communities of the "Sisters of Providence" in Ivory Coast, a journey that we live as an intense meeting experience.
We felt welcomed at home by all the nuns: some of them we have known for a long time but with all of us we felt at home. We spent a few days in Abidjan between the teeming people of the dispensary (up to 564 consultations per day) and the coming and going of nuns passing through and in formation; a short visit to the burouis patients of Kongouanou (in those days there were 37 hospitalized, some were small children) for a greeting and encouragement and then a quick touch to the "Center Providence" of Bouaké just in time for the party for the promotion of 9 girls who have finished training.
Il "Center Shalom" Yamoussoukro was our main destination: this year there are about sixty girls, many of whom are under ten years of age, but all of them have families in difficulty who do not care about the future or school for these girls, but what to eat day by day: on the contrary, they often force girls to work to contribute to family expenses. The nuns regularly visit families, to maintain contact, to check living and health conditions, to encourage relatives, giving them full support, to register girls without a certificate at the registry office and continue to send them to the center.

At the Center, life flows serenely between lessons in the morning, lunch and workshops in the afternoon. The girls feel cared for and loved, so much so that some, although they have gone to middle school, do not fail to come to greet the Tantis (teachers) and Soeur! This year's group loves to dance and do chores rather than study, but Tanti Colette firmly holds the discipline and prepares the fourth year group for the final exam in June. Smiles and stories return to our hearts. many of them: Rose, Ange, Océane, Fatima, Iris, Morène ... or the shimmering gaze of when we told them that we come from Udine: “The same city as Father Luigi! But then do you know his family? "

The "Center Shalom" remains like a sentinel attentive to its territory, a place to live a peaceful childhood and pre-adolescence: in our heart there is the hope that one day the Ivorian society will be able to take care of these "parentless" people destined the street or child labor, recognizing the work that the "Sisters of Providence" are carrying out. Currently, without the presence of these sisters and staff over there and the concrete solidarity of so many benefactors up here all this would not be possible.

We also hope that this people, who have suffered greatly from severe political crises, but also all the peoples of the earth can be governed by politicians who always put Good first: the good of the people, the good of humanity! Shalom!
As a FONS group we will be happy to tell our experience to anyone who wants it, with the photos and videos collected.

Cristina and Marco Bolzon (FONS Group)


Saturday 8 February at 16.00 the friends of the Little Prince invite those who wish to participate in the initiative Tastings in the shop which will take place at the Solidarity Workshop in via Vittorio Veneto 22 / G- Casarsa della Delizia (PN). You can taste chocolate, tea, sweets, Fair Trade products, cooked by people with disabilities and frailties, under the guidance of their educators, the Social Employment Center and the Cucina delle Fratte.

It is a good opportunity to combine Taste with Solidarity.