February 2019 Newsletter

"What you have left is another vision of life. After living in the village you realize how much our life is conditioned by pressure and time. We never have a minute to stop and reflect, while time passes and our days flow without being able to grasp its meaning. A similar experience changes your way of living life ".
David Galimi after a volunteer experience in the land of Africa


The new adventure of the Friends of Udine in the land of Africa has begun Thursday 24 January. They went to Benin where they will be able to check the fruits of the missionary campaigns that with the help of many supporters and friends are active in those territories. They will have the opportunity to meet the local populations, verify on the ground what are the needs and needs of the moment, bring them the solidarity of many friends who have supported the projects and who intend to continue their help giving a smile and a hope to those who are less fortunate.

To the group of Friends who left for Benin, some New-entries, Daniela and Angelico were enthusiastic about this new experience and eager to get closer to different cultures and peoples.

Greetings from the whole family of Solidarmondo Onlus and from the Sisters of Providence to the group of Friends of Udine.



After the trip to Côte d'Ivoire, awareness and promotion work begins here in Italy

The 12 January Marco and Cristina have returned from their trip to the Ivory Coast. Hosted in the Yamoussoukro mission, they were also able to visit the missions of Abidjan and Bouaké. The main reason for their trip, however, was the mission of Yamoussoukro and in particular the Shalom Center. These days they have been able to take note of the work in favor of the girls, welcomed in the Center, and of their daily life. They were able to see and touch, therefore, the personal and family reality of the girls.

Before their return, the nuns did not fail to say their thanks to Marco and Cristina, but also to all the benefactors of the FONS group.

The gratitude of the Sisters

We thank the benefactors of the FONS group for this initiative, aimed at supporting the works of the Sisters of Providence. We say a sincere thanks to each benefactor. We were happy to have met Marco and Cristina to whom we say a special thanks for their simplicity, openness and attention to various needs. We bring you all into our humble prayers and are available to work with the FONS group.

Dear friends, we wish you a happy and happy 2019. That through the intercession of St. Luigi Scrosoppi, the Lord accords to each one the necessary support for the start of this new mission.

For the sisters of the Community
Sr. Lydie


Don Michele and his group of biker friends have so far organized well 9 editions of the Moto-blessing in Tricesimo, at the shrine of Our Lady Missionary. These events, as well as being a moment of meeting and prayer for many motorcyclists, are also an occasion to promote solidarity in favor of the missions of the Sisters of Providence, and in particular in Africa.

This year don Michele decided, together with two motorcyclist friends, to go to Africa, in the missions of the Providence sisters in Togo and in the Ivory Coast. The two reasons for this trip are:

  1. Know and document the work in the missions sustained in these years;
  2. Document the development of the new Vokoutime mission in Togo YAMAHA Motor Europe, which became sponsor of the motorcycle events of Don Michele, this year decided to contribute to the construction of a well. This is a work aimed at irrigating the land in the agricultural school, which will be set up in this mission.


The White Star Association for many years, in addition to carrying out both the activities in Trentino, extends its presence in Togo, so that in the health center of Kouve the name "White Star" is known by all as a reality linked to them. In this period the members Tullio and Carmelo will again be in Togo to bring more solidarity and friendship.

Volunteer in Brazil

Enrica, a young Friulian woman, is in this month in Brazil, in the community of Salvador. The goal of his experience is to offer a little help, but above all to open your eyes and mind to others and feel part of something meaningful and vital.

Path of formation to possible journeys of international solidarity to know and be amazed in front of ONE EARTH

Solidarmondo Onlus for International Cooperation along with other operators offers the opportunity to participate in a training course for possible international solidarity trips to know and be amazed in front of an EARTH.

The route is aimed at those who want know closely the reality of international solidarity and to engage in short volunteer experiences in this area.

The themes are proposed in a dynamic and stimulating way, through role-playing games, simulations and contributions from expert witnesses.

For registration: http://www.missioni.diocesiudine.it/preiscrizioni-spa2019/

For information: africa@cevi.coop; scotula@diocesiudine.it


Saturday 9 February 2019: presentation and opening of the course
from 15 to 18, at the Xaverian Missionaries, via Monte San Michele 70 - Udine

Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 February 2019: residential weekend
Interculturality, motivations for international voluntary engagement and tools for the approach to social contexts different from ours
from the 9.30 on Saturday to the 18.30 on Sunday, at the Sisters of Providence, via Moimacco 21, Orzano

Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 March 2019: residential weekend
The links between economy, ecology and society, the dynamics of globalization and the problems related to the issues of development and underdevelopment
from 9.30 on Saturday to 18.30 on Sunday, at Il Piccolo Principe, Piazza Italia 9, Casarsa della Delizia and the parish structure of Bevazzana, located in via del Sagittario 19

One is required Attendance fee 50 of euros