February 2018 Newsletter

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to every individual. "

Celebrating Human Rights: 2018 - 70 ° anniversary proclamation of human rights

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights performs 70 years in the 2018!

A milestone in the global history of human rights, this document is imbued with values ​​and ideals drawn from the whole world. This anniversary is an opportunity not only to celebrate the gift of this Declaration all over the world, but also to ask ourselves how these rights are recognized and respected.
Objectives of the recurrence:
  • TO PROMOTE-Increase public awareness of Human Rights and highlight its significance in everyday life.
  • INVOLVE- Mobilize people who are committed to the promotion and protection of human rights.
  • REFLECT- Take stock of what has been achieved, of the situation in the current world and reflect on future challenges and opportunities.
We must fight for our rights and those of others. Each of us can do it. We can act in everyday life, to support the rights that protect us all and thus promote the link between all human beings. This is the commitment of all the missions of the Sisters of Providence and also Solidarmondo! We work together faithfully.


Like every year the group "Friends of Udine" went to Togo to check the progress of their projects.
Here are some brief ideas taken from Radio Africa:
"Meeting with the directors, teachers and cooks of the schools supported by the Friends of Udine. We are complimented by the good performance of these and for the good participation of parents in the villages. It was a beautiful meeting, with so much serenity. The meeting ended with the delivery of a small gift to everyone.
29 January - Today in particular, we of the group of Friends of Udine have been able to see with our eyes and our emotions how precious is the work of the sisters for the community, for the joyous coexistence between the diversities. It's a show to see lots of children playing !!!!
Site with further news: http://www.amicidiudine.it



"Solidarmondo Udine" also participated in the review this year PUT ON YOUR SHOW in the city fair in Udine.

The crib presented by SOLIDARMONDO UDINE has the title: THE GIFT OF GOD FOR HUMANITY
For us at Solidarmondo, the bud of God has flourished on every continent and is represented by the various nativity scenes coming from the missions we support with our activities. The crib was made with a mushroom, a sign that to make life reborn a few things are enough


The course organized by Solidarmondo Udine has as its title: COMMUNICATION & MARKETING for International Cooperation. New communication and marketing methods for solidarity
Rapporteur: Dott.ssa CAROLINA VENTURINI

The course was held at the headquarters of Solidarmondo Udine c / o Suore Della Provvidenza Via Moimacco, 21 - Orzano

1 ° meeting - Saturday 3 February: "To know and understand some operative planning and management tools. Fundraising area: how to activate it and what fundraising opportunities ".

2 ° meeting-Saturday 10 February: "The web marketing at 360 °: how to design and optimize the online presence"


Last Friday 2 February the Annual Ordinary Assembly of Solidarmondo Trentino took place at the Arco. It was opened with the message of Sister Irmarosa who sent greetings and encouragement from Udine for the beginning of a new period of activity.

It is our annual meeting, a moment of report, new things to tell, new images ... it is the moment when we have to approve the annual report, in which we present the activities planned for the new year, and it is the moment in where you can share ideas and thoughts.
Silvia and Daniel, recently returned from an experience in Togo by our Sisters have told their emotions. We also deepened the need for our volunteers to make a journey before leaving, a path of knowledge of the association, an in-depth study of the problems of Togo, of the situations and of the African environment in its diversity, of the motivations that gave birth in them the desire to depart, to understand the Sisters of Providence and their context, in order to better coordinate the interventions.
At the center of our meeting, however, was the great dream that we at Solidarmondo Trentino have been sharing with Sister Dores and the other Sisters of Kouvè for several years: The project THE DOOR TO LIFE.
With "The door to life"We want to build a shelter in Togo, to care for and support children affected by HIV, helping them to face their situation with courage, because, with confidence, they can open the door of their lives, equipped with tools for self-determination. The door to life is the bridge between the growth of an individual and social life, the world of work and therefore the development of a country.


The cooperative "Il Piccolo Principe" received as gifts of high quality items, knitwear, trousers, shirts and accessories of various kinds for men and women and with them launched a fundraising campaign for the various projects it has under way. On this occasion he wanted to keep in mind the missions of the Sisters of Providence, particularly in Myanmar and Togo. Great graces come from the missions