2018 Assembly

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On the day 21 and 22 April, the annual assembly of Solidarmondo took place in Rome, in the general house of the Sisters of Providence. We all know how this event is always so demanding because it requires the implementation of many legal aspects: approval of the budget, the mission report of the president, list of activities of the year, prospects for the journey and, this time, also renewal of the offices institutional. All this took place in a very serene climate with great participation. The participants were able to see how the Association has grown, not only for the results obtained, but also for the active collaboration between the various groups and for the relationships established between the groups themselves and above all with the various realities where the Sisters of Providence operate. . Everything took place in an atmosphere of renewed commitment and even celebration.

Elected members of the new "Board of Directors"

Board of Directors

Roberto Tosolini

Aldo Bianco

Enrico Guerra

Francesca Trapani

In the Dosso

Danilo Pigat

Sr. Irmarosa Villotti (Carla)

Tullio Nardon

Daniela Bartoli


Vice President

Roberto Tosolini

Aldo Bianco