Tax Deduction

Detrazioni fiscali

Donate now to United to grow together OnlusSolidarmondo is an ONLUS (Non-Profit Organization of Social Utility) regularly recognized by the Italian State. Therefore the donations made in our favor enjoy the tax benefits provided for by Italian law.

On the occasion of the annual tax return, both individuals and companies can deduct the donations made from income, up to 10% of total declared income, to the maximum amount of 70.000 Euro per year (art. 14, 14 / 05 / 2005 Law n. 80).

Alternatively it is still possible to refer to the previous legislation which provided for:
- for individuals: the possibility of deduct the 19% of the donated amount from the IRPEF, up to a maximum of 2.065,83 euro (art. 15-bis, DPR 917 / 86)
- for companies: the possibility of deducting donations for an amount not exceeding 2% of declared business income (art 100 paragraph 2, D.PR. 917 / 86).