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May 2020 Newsletter

We found ourselves afraid and lost ... We realized that we were on the same boat, all fragile and disoriented, but at the same time important and necessary, all called to row together, all in need of comforting each other. (Pope Francis, St. Peter's Square 27 March 2020) COURAGE, UNITED CE WE WILL DO IT !!! The […]

April 2020 Newsletter

THE PRESIDENT'S GREETINGS Each era has its challenges and ours is to show that the tragedy in which the coronavirus has precipitated, is not enough to stop our desire for solidarity and our desire for justice in the world. It is an opportunity that is granting us […]

Missions pray for us

Dear friends, in these days of concern for one's own health and that of loved ones, for the future of our lives and our activities, Solidarmondo wants to be close to all of you who have always followed and supported the various good initiatives. We are all experiencing a forced stop […]

March 2020 Newsletter

FRIENDS FATHER LUIGI. The animation activity continues in the parishes followed by the group. In March, thanks are scheduled for the Sunday masses and the meeting with the support groups of the following parishes: San Canzian d'Isonzo, San Gottardo di Udine, S. Maria Assunta di Moimacco, San Michele Arcangelo […]

February 2020 Newsletter

FRIENDS OF UDINE On 22 January Danilo, Alberto, Daniela and Angelico left for missions to Benin, to make their annual meeting trip with the various villages where they brought the solidarity of their group and many Friulians, activating schools and wells !! Supporters have […]

January 2020 Newsletter

All of us volunteers and associated groups have turned the last page and closed the agenda that will guard the many commitments planned and carried out in 2019. With trepidation we have now opened the new agenda, all white and ready to be written and consumed by daily use . One of the first commitments will be to collect […]

December 2019 Newsletter

WHITE STAR Joyfully Stella Bianca announces that the container sent on October 23rd by Cembra arrived in Kouvé on November 29th. A big thank you to the various groups that have collaborated in this initiative, thanks to those who have faced the fatigue of collecting and loading [...]

The wonders of volunteering

THE VOLUNTEER CARMELO FAUSTINI BRIDALS IN TOGO Galeotto was volunteering and those who "invented" the "White Star". Because after having been the most courted bachelor of Grumes (and perhaps also of the Cembra Valley) for a long time, Carmelo Faustini is getting married. Fly right, in the sense that it goes to Togo to [...]

November 2019 Newsletter

WHITE STAR On Saturday 26 October 2019 held the annual Stella Bianca annual social dinner in Grumo (TN). The association born in the 1980 is made up of 303 volunteers in permanent service and this is its 39 ° year of activity on the territory and the 22 ° year of support for the missions of [...]

October 2019 Newsletter

The day 5 October marks the feast of our San Luigi Scrosoppi. We join the joy of all the Sisters of Providence, we thank them for their work in the world and we still show our willingness to join in their work of charity. Saint Louis bless us and strengthen us in our commitment [...]

September Newsletter 2019

INITIATIVES ALREADY IMPLEMENTED Many were the activities of the month of August and it is not possible to list them all. We thank the various groups for having continued, even in the holiday atmosphere, their action for the various realities in need of our help. We only remember two. . THE KNIGHTS […]

June Newsletter 2019

IMPORTANT NOTICE Following the merger between Banca Prossima and Intesa San Paolo, Solidarmondo's bank details have changed since May 27. Although the old data will continue to be active for a year, we ask that you start using the new coordinates and inform your bank in [...]

May 2019 Newsletter

ANNUAL MEETING CONCLUSIONS OF THE PRESIDENT OF SOLIDARMONDO AT THE END OF HIS REPORT We report the words of the president, Roberto Tosolini, at the end of the Assembly of our Association held on April 13 in Belvedere. "The upward trend already recorded in the previous financial statements is confirmed. From my point of view it is [...]

April 2019 Newsletter

SOLIDARMONDO ASSEMBLY On the day 13 and 14 April at the House of the Sisters of Providence - Via Nazionale nr. 92 - Belvedere of Tezze (VI), the annual ordinary assembly of Solidarmondo ONLUS will take place. Saturday 13 April program from 15.00 to 18.00: President's greetings and speeches [...]

March 2019 Newsletter

INFORMATION These are the words of Greta Thunberg at the World Climate Conference from which the FridaysForFuture movement was born: "My name is Greta Thunberg, I am fifteen years old and I come from Sweden. Many people say that Sweden is just a small country and they do not care what we do. But [...]

February 2019 Newsletter

"What you have left is another vision of life. After living in the village you realize how much our life is conditioned by pressure and time. We never have a minute to stop and reflect, while time passes and our days flow without being able to [...]

January 2019 Newsletter

GOOD 2019. A new year, a new journey, a new adventure has also begun for Solidarmondo. The 2018 has been characterized by the achievement of important goals that we want to continue to support and possibly overcome. In fact for 2019 the goal is to continue to grow more and more in our spirit of solidarity [...]

November 2018 Newsletter

It's nice to talk about God while we're sitting here after a leisurely breakfast and waiting for an even better lunch: but how can I speak of God to the multitudes who have to get by without two meals a day? To them God can only appear as bread and butter. [...]

Thailand: a beautiful story

Helping Sisters to Help Others Our "Casa Lilia" Center in Chiang Saen welcomes 32 girls and teenagers in a situation of social vulnerability. Most are daughters of refugees from Myanmar who come to Thailand fleeing poverty or political and ethnic conflicts between [...]

Newsletter August 2018

"It's not so much what we do, but how much love we put into doing it. It is not so much what we give, but how much love we put in giving. "Mother Teresa of Calcutta WORLD DAY OF SCHOLARSHIP UNESCO has established the September 8 as World Literacy Day in order to raise awareness on the difficulties of [... ]

June Newsletter 2018

"Who in the journey of life has lit only a torch in the dark hour of someone has not lived in vain." Mother Teresa of Calcutta NEWS FROM THE MISSIONS From the center of the malnourished child of San Carlos (Bolivia) we want to share with the friends of Solidarmondo experience of our Italian volunteers Annica and Stefano, [...]

May 2018 Newsletter

"Who in the journey of life has even lit only a torch in the dark hour of someone has not lived in vain." Mother Teresa of Calcutta FIVE FOR A THOUSAND Have you remembered the five per thousand? You know that for our association is precious ... Thanks. . UDINE FRIENDS AT THE ORATORY [...]

2018 Assembly

On the day 21 and 22 April, the annual assembly of Solidarmondo took place in Rome, in the general house of the Sisters of Providence. We all know how this event is always so challenging because it requires the implementation of many legal aspects: approval of the budget, the president's mission report, list of activities [...]